Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Red Wing Shoes

Secret Society is proud to be stocking products from one of the true original american work wear brands, shoes from the classic work boot maker Red Wing. Since 1905, Red Wing have been producing shoes of the highest quality, from its factory in Red Wing, Minnesota. The classic style 877 (top picture) was introduced in the collection in 1950, and as the boot was intended as a hunting boot, it got its color (the distinct "Red Wing" red) and nick name from the classic upland bird dog; The Irish Setter. 

As Red Wing describes it "All work and no play tend to make dull boys. So Red Wing leveraged its work boot heritage to create a boot for play. In this case, play was upland game hunting. Designed for comfortably walking the prairie grasses and fields, its durability would last season after season. For over 50 years the 877 has been a legend in the field."

We are stocking the classic 877 and style 2975 (11" Engineer). And since these shoes works just as well for the girlfriend, as it does for the boyfriend, we have got both men's and women's sizes. 

While we are first at it, LA Times have written a nice article on the current work wear trend (as seen in Number (N)ine's current collection - My Own Private Portland). Head over to LA Times, and catch up on those long time achievers. 

Red Wing ad from the '30's

If you want more inspiration for the classic heritage look, you should keep an eye on ACL

Finally, could this be the largest shoe ever?

Drop by to secure your precious feet.



Interman said...


Secret Society said...

877 - 2200,-

2975 - 2400,-

Value for money!

Patrick said...

Et godt tilskudd! Lyst på et par 2975, får ta turen innom en gang før jul. Hvor langt ut i Desember holder dere åpent? ( med andre ord, når tar dere ferie)

Secret Society said...

Hei Patrick,

Vi har åpent tom 23/12, søndagsåpent 21/12.

Lsg Industrial said...

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