Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Current Elliott

"For years Emily Current and Meritt Elliott - a.k.a. the styling team MAUDE - have been shopping denim. Unable to find what they wanted to wear for themselves, they started buying vintage jeans and tailoring them to a more modern fit. They started wearing these customized gems to fittings and shoots, which soon were spotted and coveted by their celebrity clientele. They have introduced customized vintage denim to everyone from Mandy Moore and Nicole Richie to Emma Roberts to name a few. Not only were these jeans a perfect timeless fashion piece, but have each person that wore them a sense of individuality - a nice alternative to a sea of dressy denim, offering an authenticity to girls who don't have time for sourcing flea markets and vintage stores. MAUDE was thrilled at the opportunity to launch their denim dream with the line CURRENT / ELLIOTT, aptly named to honor their own design sensibility. They recreated these special one of a kind pieces with comfortable stretch Japanese denim, produced in their hometown of Los Angeles. Every style offered has a historical reference, an original vintage sample, and a year of origin. From the hip skinny slouch of "the 1968", the elephant bell of "the 1971" to the traditional shape of "the 1957", each individual style pays homage to the importance denim has played throughout American history. Other interesting elements of note are the side-seamless leg of U.S. navy inspired "the 1977", the wide elastic waist of "the 1959" athletic short, the worn and grinded chambray of "the 1965" artits smock dress and the square pockets of "the 1955" shrunken jacket. Each wash from loved to super loved is truly such and feels as though it has had a century's worth of wear. CURRENT/ ELLIOTT is unique and timelessly appealing. As with vintage, it promises to love and be loved for years to come and transcend denim trends with its timeless aesthetic." currentelliott.com

Current Elliott is the denim brand of the moment. Secret Society is among the first stores that stock the brand world wide, along with amongst others, Ron Herman in LA. The LA stores are having trouble keeping the denim in stock, and Vogue described it as "...the most refreshing denim line to come out of LA's jeans scene in a long, long time", in it's July issue (see below for the Vogue article).

For the moment, we stock The Elephant Bell (below) and The Skinny (above). We will receive a new shipment in November, with The Skinny in black.

Drop by to check out Current / Elliott at Secret Society.


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