Sunday, March 16, 2008

'My Own Private Portland'

Number (N)ine FW08

Portland's Ace Hotel forms the latest inspiration for Japanese brand Number (N)ine's 2008 Fall collection. In a movement made popular by the likes of Kurt Cobain through the Northwestern corridor, this collection designed by Takahiro Miyashita possess a distinct grunge tone.

The runway show titled "My Own Private Portland" commenced with a voicemail message and made-in Portland Pendleton wool blankets for guests. The blankets emblazoned with imagery of the iconic and historical significant Thompson elk statute represent a throw back to America's past as well as a good showing of direction for this collection.

For Miyashita, the inclusion of Ace Hotel in his inspiration signified his desire to shed light on Portland in a real and authentic manner, one that showcases the luxurious, albeit in an irregular manner which remembers the past. The blankets will be available for sale through Number (N)ine's Manhattan location as well as a soon to be opened Ace outpost in New York.

The pictures above shows some of our favourite pieces from the collection.

Ace Hotel - Portland

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