Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cube Flashy Chains - soon in store

Lala is from Berlin. Lala is tender, soft and cuddly.
The woman behind Lala is Leyla Piedayesh.
Leyla is in Lala. And Lala is Leyla.

Leyla on Lala....

"Lala. Because it's easy, and it was my nickname"

For Leyla Piedayesh (a former MTV VJ), the quality of the superior materials such as cashmere, silk, soft cotton as well as jersey that she uses is of the utmost importance. "It's not just luxury, but a distinct tactile, snuggly experience." Innovative materials such as bamboo are also utilized in the Lala Berlin collections.

In the beginning, all the accessories were hand-knit by Leyla herself. Due to the high demand of her collections, now only a fraction of the colletion is produced in the Berlin atelier.

Lala Berlin stands for first class knits. A collection that caresses, engenders beauty and gives the wearer the feeling that they are wearing something special. Through the love of detail, the collection is one of a kind and unmistakable.

Cube Chains (cashmere) - in store. 3000 NOK

Lala Berlin is available at Secret Society.


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