Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Visvim Hockney - Red, yellow and brown

Visvim Fbt Ancestor Nez Perce - Brown/Yellow and White/Red

We will be receiving a new shipment of Visvim in the coming days, and these models will be present for our re-opening on the 7th of August. The FBT is made of ELK skin this time around, and the feel of that shoe is amazing. If you have missed out on the story behind Visvim, please take your time to read through the interview from
Beinghunted with Visvim founder Hiroki Nakamura. In addition, check out his blog.

See you,


Vegard said...

Latterlig fete de seilerskoene, men for en småskodd kar som meg så blir det vanskelig

lin said...

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