Friday, April 13, 2007


FBT Neon | Brown/Orange | Sand/Yellow | Black/Purple

We have been huge fans of Visvim for the last 4 or 5 years, and finally, we have been given the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for this very unique and eclectic brand from Tokyo. In 2004, Beinghunted, presented the following interview with Visvim founder
Hiroki Nakamura. Very interesting reading, if you want to discover the intention and inspiration for the fast growing business of Visvim.

We have received the FBT Neon pack, and they look stunning. For the first time, the FBT model comes with a coloured sole like this. Visvim has so far, only been available for men, but we have received the Black/Purple style in woman's sizes as well.

Finally, a few words regarding our opening date. We are finalizing the refurbishment of our premises, and hopefully we will open someday late next week. We will announce our exact opening date as soon as we know for sure.

Feel free to send us an e-mail, if you have got questions regarding Secret Society.

Have a jolly good weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!

Secret Society