Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PETER FRANCIS PRACILIO now at Secret Society

Peter Francis Pracilio is born in New York and raised in Chicago, Pracilio's family and surroundings have instilled art as a part of his life from the very beginning. Feeling the desire to not necessarily find a path, but to forge his own from life lessons and experiences, Pracilio traveled throughout America, Believing that the natural surroundings would further inspire the ability to create, Pracilio worked with every artistic medium that fell in front of him, such as paint, pre-cast concrete, and glass. Pracilio decided to return to his hometown of NYC, to advance his successes and further cultivate his natural talents and ideas by attending The Pratt Institute and refining his abilities in the Industrial Design department. With influences on furniture, fine art, interiors, film, product design and lighting. Pracilio has worked with such firms as Make Product Development, Cake LLC, Mark Goetz, Acme World Zoo and  Ethical Products. To identify opportunity designGO! was launched by Peter Pracilio in early 2007.


Pics from our Birthdaybash

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