Friday, February 29, 2008

Car Couture

Every now and then, we get amazed by projects emerging from a brand extension perspective. Intersection magazine commissioned six fashion designers to create couture car covers. Both Visvim and Maison Martin Margiela have contributed, our friends at Ksubi likewise, in addition to Richard James, Adam Kimmel and Bless.

Hiroki Nakamura and Visvim's contribution is made up of traditional American-style hand-quilting patterns, welded to Gore-Tex. Pure Visvim magic this one.

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Thank you Natt & Dag, for making us "Store of the year", in last night's annual Oslo Awards.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Visvim are releasing a brand new line this year; Folk series.

Honeyee have made an interesting
with Visvim founder Hiroki Nakamura. Recommended reading if you like Visvim, or the idea of focusing on a great product, in preference to branding and the marketing game.

We haven't got any info regarding the Folk series beyond what you can read in the interview, and we don't know if the line will be available in Europe. Visvim are restructering their business, and the collection known as G-Line (Global Line, up until now available only in the US), will be available in Europe for the next season. The original Visvim line, will from now be available only in Japan (as far as we know). The good thing is that more stores will get the chance to sell the clothes from G-Line, and in addition, the look of the G-Line will be closer to that of the original Visvim line.

We have received a two new styles from Visvim this month, the Decoy Duck Boot Hi and Kiefer-Hi Nez Perce /Nome.

Decoy Duck Boot Hi. Sand/Red.

We love this boot, and we are not alone. As Complex Mag says it: "Forward-thinking lifestyle brand Visvim continues to do it better than everyone else. Take this Decoy Duck Boot for instance. Males generally have a tough time pulling off the whole hi-boot thing effectively, but these are done right. The understated colours won’t draw crazy attention, but real heads will recognize the Visvim stamp of swagger, and functionality wise, they’re totally winter-friendly. We know secretly, you always wanted to have cooler boots than your chick…here’s your chance."

Kiefer-Hi Nez Perce / Nome. White/White Pony